Cheese Sablés

We believe there is no rival to these small but exceptionally cheesy morsels! Made with mature cheddar, Parmesan and no preservatives they are the perfect culinary companion to a pre-dinner drink

Hugh Corbin contemplating the ultimate cheese biscuit

Hugh Corbin contemplating the ultimate cheese biscuit

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The original recipe for these delicious cheese biscuits comes from Hugh Corbin (Maddy’s dad). A few years ago he undertook the challenge to make the best cheese biscuit in the world. On the panel of judges was Maddy, her mum Pam, sister Philippa, plus any passersby. There were many trials and tribulations, and a few dead ends. Finally he landed on THE recipe. All were in agreement: they were the best cheese biscuits in the world.

In 2011 when The Pea Green Boat first began, it seemed an obvious product for us to sell. So at our first ever market in November 2011 at Portobello, we took along 15 packs of cheese sablés. All of them sold, so they became a regular product on the market stand. From then on we have slowly been developing the sablé making process, although have kept the recipe the same. Hugh Corbin regularly checks the quality.
Demand for these very more-ish nibbles seems to keep increasing and recently we have started wholesaling them to shops and delis. We have also expanded the sablé family and now the range includes:

 – The Original Cheese Sables
 – Cheese Sablés with Cumin seeds 
 – Cheese Sablés with Fennel & Chilli 

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