GT 15 Top 50Our Cheese Sablés

We believe there is no rival to these award winning cheese biscuits! All our Sablés are made to an all-butter original family recipe using quality ingredients. We use Scottish mature cheddar from the Mull of Kintyre, organic flour grown and milled in nearby East Lothian, proper British butter, and freshly grated 24 month-aged parmesan – of course from a bit further afield in Italy!

These unique and exceptionally cheesy morsels are the perfect accompaniment to your favourite tipple. Why not try all three varieties: Original, Cumin and Fennel & Chilli.

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Family recipe

It was a meticulous and passionate foodie who developed The Pea Green Boat’s Cheese Sablé recipe. Having been disappointed time and again by bought cheese biscuits, Hugh Corbin set out to make the ultimate cheese biscuit.  There were many trials and tribulations and some dead ends, but finally he landed on THE recipe – a small but exceptionally cheesy biscuit which is mouthwatering-ly good.
It was Hugh’s daughter, Maddy, who decided to capitalise on her father’s invention. Based in Scotland, Maddy established a fantastic food company in 2011, The Pea Green Boat and one of its star products were packs of delicious Cheese Sablés – made to her father’s original recipe.
Several years on and now stocked by around 90 of the best food shops in the UK, The Pea Green Boat’s Original Cheese Sablés continue to be made, by hand, to the same family recipe.

Cheese Sablé varieties

Keeping the base recipe the same, two further varieties have since been added to The Pea Green Boat’s Cheese Sablé repertoire offering some unique and exciting taste experiences.